Dance Your way through fall -- Plus size party choices

di Ivy Off Postato 22-09-2017, 12:09

Dance Your way through fall -- Plus size party choices

Let’s be complete honest: No one enjoys returning to work after the lovely summer holidays. But no matter what, the summer is gone and we won’t be able to stop it. What should I do? Remain calm during the whole autumn and wait for Christmas? Seems boring for me. I need to escape. I need to dance until all my pressure disappear.
I found these party dresses from ROSGAL that would help me and probably help you out if you feels the same as me. Let dance our way through this autumn!

[Immagine: vQFjI5s.jpg][Immagine: 9Dvyhkv.jpg]

Black lace dresses are my personal favorite of the classic dresses. Black is a sexy color, even more sexy when it combines with the lace sheer sleeve. I’m so satisfied they add lots of details on the sleeve.

[Immagine: it6v56M.jpg][Immagine: gnbLbCq.jpg]
White is a classy ,clean color. Put different color‘s stripes on it, it becomes fun to wear. Suitable for in or out. A nice choice for dance & party lovers. This adorable dresses only cost $9 at the moment. Get it now.
[Immagine: CVKyyj6.jpg][Immagine: mqh1VDj.jpg]

Elegant style matches it’s color. The flare print is well detailed. Vintage is always charming and attractive. With flower prints, it reaches a new level.

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simonai Off 22-09-2017, 15:35
Belli! Finalmente abiti carini ed eleganti anche perchi ha qualche chiletto in più Big Grin Clapping Clapping Clapping

Michy Off 22-09-2017, 16:05
Ho pensato la stessa cosa che ha detto Simona....è importante essere, ma soprattutto sentirsi elegante ed in ordine anche con qualche chilo in più!

sabrina76 Off 23-09-2017, 13:45

lunastorta Off 23-09-2017, 16:31
bello quello nero con le maniche di pizzo...grazie Ivy...

bibi22 Off 23-09-2017, 17:16
a me piace l'ultimo abito postato.
Bel sito, grazie!

yayettina79 Off 24-09-2017, 15:30
Molto belli!!!! Mf_lustslow anche a me piace l'ultimo!! Thumbup

tizyscorpioncina Off 26-09-2017, 12:15
molto belli

Ire Off 26-09-2017, 14:28
Molto carini

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